Why MarketJon?

We provide unique online advertising and targeting capabilities that are not available in offline advertising. Don’t get us wrong, offline marketing is important and we are happy to consult you in this area as well.

However, our job is to make your job easier with turnkey audience extension and audience management solutions.

Grow your business with MarketJon


Your marketing should help achieve your business goals. That only occurs when the marketing team you work with is aligned to your goals NOT theirs. A little cliche but we only win when you win and achieve the goals together we have agreed to.


The cornerstone of working with us at MarketJon is identifying everything there is about your customer. Who are they? Where are they? What are their behaviors? Once that is identified, we then fit the right digital platform to reach them and drive them to your site and location. That’s how we achieve your goals.


Once the campaign is launched your dedicated campaign team watches, adjusts and insures your ads are not only delivered to the right consumer but are engaged with to maximize the behavior you’re after.


At your convenience, we share the data with you from your campaign. We do that in real time or whenever it suits you. We do this to show how people are engaging with your marketing efforts. We stand squarely behind this and are always 100% transparent. If not, we’ll refund your money. Seriously.

Our direct relationships with the top digital exchanges, digital providers and data management companies allow us to provide YOU with higher end targeting capabilities and lower cost to our clients.

We are as excited about growing your business as you are!