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Connect With Consumers Through On-Line Video

Your audience is moving. Consumption habits are dramatically shifting in today’s fast moving world and marketing is evolving. Digital Video provides a TV-like experience powered by robust data, delivered at scale across all screens & devices. That includes desktop, mobile, tablet and the flat screen in your home.

All Screens, All Streams: All demographics are consuming more digital video across multiple screens. This strategy is referred to as “screen agnostic” and allows marketers to use pre-roll, Interstitial, Native, Full Episode, Long Form and Live Streaming to reach their targeted audiences overlaying data and analytics. Digital Video delivers the right ad, on the right devise, at the right time to the right user.

MarketJon: We deliver a unique skill set and true “Industry Insider” knowledge allowing you to navigate the digital video ecosystem with ease while bringing you closer to your customer. We can find an audience in market using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on campaign goals. Marketjon understands that customer service plays a major role in today’s digital execution. We pride ourselves on delivering transparent and detailed reporting showing where your ads have run and the impact of those ads on engagement.

Brand Safety: While many digital video platforms don’t talk about fraud it is priority for us to protect your brand’s integrity. MaketJon delivers access to a 1000 media owners and over 20,000 brands within a brand safe environment partnering with the top Ad Tech platforms.

How Can We Help You?

We provide unique online advertising and targeting capabilities that are not available in offline advertising.

We are as excited about growing your business as you are!