Email Marketing

Targeting Consumers

Email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways, like requesting business, using email to send advertisements or to solicit sales or donations.


Email marketing is used to build loyalty and to create overall brand awareness just like traditional direct mail.


Reach your audience through a series of targeted information to market your product or service across different demographics, personal interests,  and shopping habits.  Information like what kind of car they drive, their income, if they are a homeowner or a renter, what their occupation is, etc.


  • Minimum font size is 13px
  • Increase your line height to at least 125%
  • Main text should be 15 px-16px
  • Larger headlines can be 24px or above. Include alt text in your images
  • If email is wide, consider keeping text areas narrow to promote readability
  • Avoid using too many symbols
  • Use complimenting colors
  • Give text sufficient padding so that it doesn’t run up against other elements


Depending on your offer, the date and time to deploy your email campaign can vary.

Optimal times for response rates: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
Before work – 7:00 AM Before lunch – 11:30 AM Evening – 5:30 PM Late night – 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM


A responsive email is one that is suited for any size of the users device, meaning it can be both desktop and mobile compatible. Having a responsive email is the most effective way to increase your overall email open rate because it gives us the ability to optimize your emails for every user and the device they are using.


To build a responsive email, you will need a balance of live text to images. You’ll also need to properly code your html to respond based off of screen size, meaning it can be both desktop and mobile friendly.


  • Stay under 60 characters
  • Talk about something that will benefit the consumer
  • Give the consumer “good” news!
  • Offer a quick and easy way for someone to do something
  • Make use of preview text – Give consumers a peek at what’s inside your email
  • Avoid using all caps, excessive punctuation, and words like “free”, “last chance”, and “offer”


EMOJI: When using emojis appropriately, they can add some life to your subject line. However, if you use too many emojis or use emojis without a clear purpose, your email may come off as “spammy”

ANIMATION: Emails don’t always have to be static images. Increase engagement by adding in animated GIFs or linking a video to your creatives!


By definition brand awareness is the basic level of consumer consciousness of a company, a product or a service. Not only does brand awareness create frequency within a campaign but it helps us to measure a potential customers ability to recognize a brand image and associate it to a certain company. This can be one of a business’s greatest marketing assets. Email Marketing encompasses brand awareness by sending relevant content at regularly scheduled intervals in an effort to keep you top of mind and will help build a relationship of familiarity with a target audience.


A matchback report is a great way to look back and see how consumers took action after an email campaign. The report is most effective when you’ve sent multiple emails within a 90-day period, and then you run the match against all campaigns within that timeframe.


Option 1: We run a matchback! After an email campaign has completed. To do this we will need your sales file. With your sales file, we can compare our records of who were sent emails and flag any of those matches.:

Option 2: You run a matchback! By purchasing the list of postal addresses of the consumers who received an email, you can use that address list to match the sales file.


Re-deploy your message to people who have opened or clicked on your original email broadcast. This will help reinforce your message to a valuable audience of people and help us to continue to add value to our efforts.

Email Marketing Targeting Capabilities


Age, Gender, Income, Children, Occupations, Education, Households , Household Likelihood, Entertainment, Travel, Home Interests, Sports & Sporty Living


Credit Card Indicators, Health, High Tech, Internet Activity, Modeled Credit, Shopping Habits


Auto Makes, Motor Vehicles, Auto Information, Auto Intender Specifics, Autos by Model


Homeowners, Property Types, Mortgage & Loan Type, Home Value


Business Selects, SIC Codes, Business Occupations


Arts & Crafts, Political Party, Health & Beauty, Specialized Products, Nature & Outdoors, Investment Interests, Donors & Philanthropy, Food & Wine, Hobbies

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