Do You Know What Good Looks Like?

This is the first of what will be weekly blogs on I believe in passion with everything I do and with that, I launch my first company – a digital marketing company I’m vainly calling MarketJon. In full candor, I chose the name based on extensive research (I talked to a few people and did some searches) and realized that the word Market is a well-traveled search term and putting your own name in there puts your rear end firmly on the tracks. So with that…let’s dive into the most important topic every client everywhere cares about – WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE?
You know the old saying – “Nothing Succeeds like Success?

Well a more true statement has never been said. For me, it means knowing how to build on the success you have had for dozens of clients and knowing how critical it is to know what “good” looks like for each one of them. And that ladies and gentlemen is the whole game.

Don’t be wowed or fooled by flashy digital products or worse, by scores of digital “experts” who speak in digital tongues that no one outside of the geek with the pocket protector understands. To know what “good” looks like or what a successful campaign looks like there are only two things to consider-

  1. Did my campaign improve my site traffic?
  2. Did my campaign drive retail traffic?

That’s it. That’s what marketing is supposed to do. Everything else is either up to you as a business owner or manager OR it’s just extra information that makes you sound important at parties.

At MarketJon here’s our commitment to you;

  1. We are in this with you. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before but what I mean by “we’re in it with you” is that for us to succeed you must succeed. I’m willing to put skin in the game to prove it too. If, your campaign doesn’t drive more site traffic from the same month the prior year, I’ll eat the cost. That’s right! I’ll buy your schedule and you don’t pay a dime. All you have to do is give me access to your back end traffic on your site and we’ll look at the data together and see if my formula for getting you more people to your site actually works.
  2. If you are a retail operation than having attributable/documentable store traffic is critical. You need to know that your marketing resulted in “butts in seats” as it were. We’ll go over the data on that too so you feel at home with how we did it. No magic, no BS. Just transparency and an honest approach to help drive the Return on your Investment.

I know what “good looks like” but more important than what I know, it’s what you need to know and agree to. Otherwise we won’t have too much fun working together. There’s no magic in any of this but there is a strong level of competency you need to insure that your campaigns are doing what they are supposed to. That’s my pledge to you.

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