The #1 Question About Online Marketing

In a recent blog post from Phil Frost, Founder and COO of Main Street ROI, he tackles the question that many advertisers ask every day.  “What is the best tactic for getting the best ROI for my marketing dollar”.  Phil correctly points out that there is no magic bullet.  There is no single tactic that drives success every day.

To quote Phil “The answer is that one tactic alone will never get the highest ROI.  I’m sorry, but it’s not that easy.  There’s no silver bullet.  Hey, look on the bright side, at least now you won’t waste any more time and energy searching for something that doesn’t exist.”

The fact is that no single tactic, even done well guarantees results today which is why successful advertisers use multiple tactics that take into consideration the entire marketing funnel.  The customer journey from awareness to interest to investigation to purchase is a complex one.  Consider how consumers think in today’s funnel-

  1. Your product and services are searched for by a consumer who has a need.  So, to fulfill a consumer need you need a functional and service-oriented website.  To effectively be found you need a search tactic – often two:  SEM and SEO.
  2. Once your website is working effectively and your search strategy is built the second piece to is engage consumers through an effective social media strategy.
  3. The third phase is to out reach and find new customers through a variety of tactics like display, video, mobile, e-mail marketing and lead gen programs.

As Phil dooley notes in his summation-

 Why You Would Never Want Just One Traffic Tactic

One is not just the loneliest number, it’s also the riskiest.  If you’re currently relying on just one source of website traffic like SEO or advertising, then you’re extremely vulnerable. Whenever Google updates its algorithm, some businesses always go belly up because all their eggs were in the SEO basket — they didn’t diversify their traffic sources.

Don’t let that happen to you! If you’re currently looking for the ONE best traffic source, you’re on the wrong track!

Let’s say your goal is to generate 1 sale per day (30 per month). One strategy would be to find 1 traffic source that can deliver 30 sales per month. Another option would be to have 30 different traffic sources that can each deliver 1 sale per month. Well, I would choose the 30 traffic sources every time. This diversified approach makes your business so much more stable.  If one tactic dries up, then you have 29 others to pick up the slack.



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